The Ridomo gorge starts below the peaks of Mt.Taygetos at the altitude of 2031 meters and runs all the way down to Santova Beach just outside of Kalamata. There are many marked paths crisscrossing the area and connecting the gorge with the nearby mountain villages and tiny churches scattered over the hills.

On the main Kardamili-Kalamata road turn right at the Kampos village, just before reaching the main square and drive up towards the peaks of Taygetos. After a short ascent and couple of crazy turns, you arrived at a small mountain village called Vorio.

Just outside the village, you pass the first sign for the Ridomo Gorge. From there the road is somehow marked. However, the best source of information about the walks around the Ridomo Gorge is the elderly owner of the only kafenio in the village, Sokrates. He can give you all the information for the path to the canyon and maybe he can give you a map. You leave the camper at the square of the village and bike towards Ridomo gorge.

Leaving the village the bad asphalt road turns into a narrow dirt road that continues towards the little Profitis Ilias church perched on a hill high above the canyon. From the church, another dirt road drops straight down to the bottom of the canyon but according to Mr. Sokrates it is better suited for walking than a car. So you continue straight until you reach another crossroad couple of kilometers further.

From there, the main road turns right and climbs up towards the Ridomo settlement and a smaller road continues the descend to the valley. Except for the beautiful views of the canyon, you will be entertained by herds of very cute goats curiously observing the rare visitors. After a short drive, the road suddenly turns into a cobbled path. This is the time to lock the bikes and continue on foot.

From there the Panagia Bridge is just a short walk away.

Tips: You ask at the kafeneio to buy fresh eggs. The village produces the best honey of thyme, the best mytzithra (traditional salty goat cheese) and trapan (traditional pasta). Unfortunately, it is rare to find them if you haven’t ordered in advance.

GPS coordinates for the village: Ν 36.9572011, Ε 22.2415395

GPS coordinates for the beginning of the gorge: Ν 36.9782573, Ε 22.2578653