Tenaron is the southest part of coastal Europe. Here existed according to Pausanias, the temple of Tenariou Poseidon, who was worshipped especially by Lakones, and it became the center of the “Brotherhood of Freelakones”.

It is said that the ancient temple of Poseidon was build near the chapel of Asomatos. They believe that they took stones and other materials from the ancient temple in order to build it. It is also noted in the writings of Pausanias and Ploutarhos that there was a Necro-temple that they made use of sciomancy in a small, desolated cavern in Tenaro.

It is believed that there existed the entrance the Adis (underworld). Follow the path that leads to the southest part of continental Europe and the Lighthouse of Tenaro. The distance is around 20-30 minutes by feet, but as soon as you get there you will be rewarded with the sense of ultimate freedom. The Lighthouse was built in 1882 by French, was renovated in 1950 and it still continues to offer its services to the local fishermen until today.

After your visit to the Lighthouse you can reach the cavern of Adis by following the ridge between the sea and the village near cape Tainaron and by climbing some rocks and ascending and descending a non well signified path. It is worth visiting this place as you will be swimming at the southest part of coastal Europe all alone. There is also the possibility for jumping into water from the rock above the cave.

GPS coordinates for the parking: N 36.402370, E 22.486182

GPS coordinates for cave of Ades: N 36.398859, E 22.477891