Some of the nicest paths in South Peloponnese are described below. You can download the .gpx track and install it on your GPS.

1. The tour of Mavrovouni – an easy path around Mavrovouni and Gythion for those who would like to explore the nature around the camping and meet local houses and people.

2. Areopoli – Neo Oitylo – Oitylo: Only 20 km away from the camping there is a very interesting path, with wonderful view to the sea, old churches and well-reserved Monastries and horses.

3. Mystras – Taygeti: Mystras is not only a very nice archeological place with beautiful Byzantine churches, but also a very interesting place for hiking, since it offers a nice scenery and view along with rich nature and water from Mountain Taygetos.

4. Talada and watermills near Monemvasia: This path cannot reach until the end due to the big vegetation of the area across the river. Nevertheless, the path is very interesting as people can see a fully renovated old watermill and the ruins from other 8 watermills that were used in the past to produce flour with the energy that was provided from the water. The renovated watermill is open on Sundays and local people produce their own flour.

3.5 km, 02:18:22

5. Hiking around the castle of Monemvasia: Even if you can reach the castle by car, it is also very interesting to hike around the castle and enter into it from the back entrance. An easy and short hiking path that will make you relax from the view of the great ocean as you hike directly on the sea.

2.2 km, 00:50:21

More hiking routes in South Peloponnese : download it here

Taygetos Mountain is among the most beautiful mountains in Peloponnese and it is worth visiting. There are many hiking routes that people can follow depending on their experience. Taygetos mountain is 40 minutes away from Gythion.

Some of the most important hiking routes are the following:

1. E4 path from Taygetos shelter to Anavryti

11.5 km, 00:00:00

2. Pentadaktylos: Anavryti-Spanakaki-Sidirokastro-Portes-shelter

17.5 km, 23:59:57